How to choose a interior designer

Choosing an interior designer for your home can be one of the greatest pleasures in life, but it is also one of the most important tasks. Choosing an interior designer for your home is not just a matter of aesthetics. It is about making sure that you are getting the best possible bang for your buck. As you may already know, there are different kinds of interior designers to choose from, and each specialises in different things:

•  Architecture: Architects design interiors; they often create spaces that have a specific style, such as modern or eclectic.

•  Decoration: Decorators look at what is on the surface of a room and how it relates to its surroundings. They are responsible for creating new pieces or enhancing existing ones.

•  Furnishing: Furnishers often focus on furnishing rooms; they go beyond their role by adding elements such as artwork, accessories and furniture to create new space or enhance old ones.

•  Lighting: Lighting designers often add visual effects like lightboxes or illuminated ceilings to create spaces with ambiance and mood.

In this post I will focus on how to choose an interior designer for your home, but first let me say that there are many different kinds of designers (of which I will call them ‘interior designers’ from now on) – this post focuses only on architecture and decoration:

Architecture Interiors Architecture Interior Designers Architecture Interior Designers Architecture Interior Designers Architecture Interior Designers Designing Interiors Home Interior Designer Home Interior Designer Home Interior Designer Home Interior Designer Home Interior Designer Designing Interiors Home Interior Designer Home Interior Designer Home Interior Designer Taking Care of Your Home Take care of your home We were asked recently about how to take care of our homes and answer some common questions we get about our homes and personal style (also see Top 10 personal style questions). We didn’t want to answer every question we got and while we had some good answers here (e.g.How do I choose a colour scheme?), some people still wanted more detail-oriented answers so we went ahead writing this post instead – this answer should cover most people’s needs…. Take care of your home! A good house always needs maintenance; cleaning up after guests, cleaning up after pets… This doesn’t mean you need to hire professional cleaners but just try to keep your house clean and tidy enough that guests feel comfortable staying with you even if they have stayed with someone else before

Tips to choose a good interior designer


I was recently in Bangkok and had the opportunity to spend some time with a good friend of mine who heads up the interior design department of a large international hotel. Here is what I found out.

1) Choose a good interior designer: It is important to choose an interior designer that has design experience and a good understanding of the culture of your home. They should be able to translate their ideas into something you can live with, but they should also be able to work with you and respond to your specific needs.

2) Understand your personal style: It is also important that an interior designer understands your personal style and knows how it works in your house, if you have multiple or different uses for your home. If people are bringing different things into the home, understand how these things fit together and most importantly what are common areas in which people use their space and what they need.

3) Don’t let them interfere with you: You will find that there are those who will try to take over all the decisions about how the house is laid out or where furniture should go, but remember that it only takes one person being intrusive into your space (and it could be worse).

4) Make sure they share where you hang pictures: Some people like to hang pictures on walls so that they can see them every day while others want them behind them when they are not present. If you want both options then make sure that an interior designer knows where to put their pictures so that they don’t get lost or end up blocking other things from view. This is especially helpful if you have children in the house as well as pets (as we did when we were living in Malaysia).

5) Your taste shouldn’t be ignored: You will find that some designers have more “accented” taste than others – this doesn’t mean don’t allow them, but make sure it makes sense for you too! It often takes work on both ends until everything gets aligned – so don’t expect everything from one single designer! This usually happens once or twice during the process, but just make sure all parties involved understand what you value at different times throughout the process.

Important aspects to look for when choosing an interior designer


To help you find one, we’ve compiled a list to help you get started.

In the realm of interior design, there are a lot of factors that should be considered before choosing the right designer for your home. Here are some of the most important ones:

•  One of the most important factors is location. Think about what your budget is. Do you want to spend $300,000 or less? How much do you want to spend? If you’re not sure what kind of budget you have, start by estimating it. You can then compare it with other similar homes in your area.

•  It is also important that you ask yourself if this designer is right for you. Are you looking to stay in or move out? Are you looking for something new or used? Are you looking for a designer with experience that goes beyond designing homes up? Surely they would have great insights on both these things as well as their personal experience with dealing with clients and building their reputation over years. And if this is your first interaction with an interior designer, it would be wise to just speak to them directly instead of hiring a bunch of assistants to run around and do everything for you.

•  Finding an interior designer who can take care of all your needs will also be important (and not just in terms of price). If they don’t know something, they won’t know how to fix it properly so it could be very frustrating after spending time and money on fixing something (or worse still, moving out). Finding someone who can handle all your needs will save time and money on fixing things later down the road when one thing doesn’t work as expected again… and make sure the person can help your family too!

If none of these factors seem like much interest to you at first, maybe test-driving some different designers first so that you can figure out if one model fits better than another (and if yes, why!) before hiring directly from designers themselves (you probably won’t encounter any problems here as long as they are honest about what’s going on).

I hope this helps! I’m Miriam

Things that you need to know before choosing an interior designer


The first thing you need to know is that there are many different kinds of interior designers, some who can help you with only one thing, some who can do a whole range of things, and some who can do both. So before choosing a designer, you should be informed on all the different kinds of interior design in Bangkok.

The following are some of the most common categories of interior designers:

1) Interior Designers for Hire (IDH)

They offer services such as: framing of your home, renovating an existing house, designing and building a new one, and more.

2) Interior Designers for Sale (IDF)

They offer services such as: consignment/retail sales, consultation and advice on building projects. They also sell their own designs.

3) Interior Design Consultants (IDC)

They provide consultative services to clients about interior design projects including detailed work plans and budgeting. They also provide design assistance for DIY projects or organising events for clients. They usually have either the skills or experience in one or multiple categories such as: architecture, industrial design or landscape architecture.  The best IDCs have good communication skills and professional background which is why working with them is recommended to get professional quality service from them. It will improve your chances to make a sale when your client wants to buy your home after they see how it will look after having it renovated by an experienced IDC.

4) Interior Designers for Retail (IDR)

They offer services such as: retail consultations, consulting on store design projects, marketing strategies etc., with expertise in several categories such as: retail stores like retail shops or malls etc., high-end boutiques like ritzy hotels etc., events planning etc.. The best IDRs have good communication skills because they know how to communicate their value proposition through their designs so they know what makes their customers happy so they can make sure that their brand stands out from all the others by using high-quality products at affordable prices (which is why brands use IDCs).  A great IDC can also help you manage your finances so you don’t spend money unnecessarily on unnecessary things which will eventually eat away at your profit margins when you start selling your home someday!

5) Home Decorators (HDs)

They mostly come from architectural backgrounds but are generally very well versed in materials science and scientific methods used in interior design including CAD drafting software which allows

Comparison of different types of interior designers


There are many factors that can help you to choose an interior designer.

Most of them are related to the style of design you want. The most important factor is your budget: how much do you want the designer to get paid? How much do you want to spend on interior design? If too many people have the same features in their home, it’s likely that they will not be unique and special.

An interior designer must have a good knowledge of various materials, colours, and textures. They must also have a good understanding of one’s personality. A person who is able to paint a room with a different colour scheme will definitely make it a more beautiful room than someone who just paints it white or black.

Another important matter is what kind of interior design is required: do you have any specific requirements? Or do you just want something simple and clean? Or would you like something more elaborate? These are just some things that should be considered when choosing an interior designer for your home.